Week 6 Answers

A defender slices his clearance and it lands at an attacker who is standing in an offside position. What do you do now?

Play on as the attacker has been played onside by the defender playing the ball to the attacker

An attacker (#9) is standing in an offside position when his team mate shoots for goal. The goalkeeper makes a save and the ball rebounds to the feet of #9 who then proceeds to score. Do you allow the goal? Explain your answer

You must disallow the goal as the attacker #9 has gained an advantage from standing in an offside position.

As a defender hoofs a high clearance towards halfway, his sides lone striker is standing in an offside position in the opposition half. But by the time the ball lands, the striker has run back into his own half. He traps the ball and races up field. Do you intervene?

Standing in an offside position is not an offence. But when he receives the ball he becomes active, so you have to declare him offside. Restart with an indirect free-kick, taken from where he was standing in his opponents' half when the ball was kicked.