Week 1 Answers

A midfielder develops a nosebleed which he is mopping up with his shirt. You call on the physio who insists the bleed is nothing serious and the player can play on with a Kleenex. What is your reply?

You must remove the player from the field – and don't allow him back until the bleeding has stopped. He must also change his shirt if it is contaminated with blood.

As you are performing a teams equipment inspection in a  men's game, a player informs you that he has left his shin guards at home so he is wearing his 8 year old sons shin guards instead. Do you allow this?

Just wearing shin guards is not enough for the player to conform to law 4. The law states that the shin guards must provide a reasonable degree of protection and that's not going to be the case here. Shin guards for an 8 year old wont provide reasonable protection for a man. Inform the player that he must wear adult shin guards if he wants to play

A player is wearing a ring so you ask him to leave the field to remove it. Play restarts and 30 seconds later you see that the player has rejoined the game. What do you do now?

When a player leaves the field to adjust his equipment, he is only allowed back into the game at a stoppage of play. So you must stop play, caution the player for re-entering the field of play without your permission. Restart the game with an indirect free kick to the opponents where the ball was when you stopped play.