Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the program for?
The District Assessment Program is intended to accomplish three objectives:

    To encourage District level referees to become interested in improving their skills as a soccer referee;
    To identify District level referees who have the interest and potential to eventually work towards promotion to the level of Regional referee;
    To improve the quality of officiating in games played in the EODSA

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
Any District level referee in the EODSA pool of referees may participate.

What do I get out of the program?

You will receive a formal written assessment, as well as guidance / mentoring to assist you in improving your skills as a soccer referee.

I only referee for my local club, can I obtain an assessment?
Not with this program - please contact you club head referee.

I just want to become a Regional Referee.   Does the District Assessment Program help me to do that?
In order to be considered for upgrading to Regional, you must first complete an assessment.

How do I request an assessment?
It’s easy!   Go to the “District Assessment Credit” tab in and select " Please Pay Here" to pay  for a credit in one or more of your upcoming games.

If I select a particular game will an assessor definitely be present.
No – depending on the level of game or the availability of an assessor we cannot guarantee an assessor will be present to any particular game. The more games you select the easier it is for us to assign an assessor.

What levels of games are eligible for District Assessments?
An Assessor will only be assigned to an appropriate level game as determined by the EODSA for your particular experience.   If there are no appropriate level games in your schedule, one will be assigned to you at the next opportunity.

What does it cost?
Assessments costs $60.00 /each

Any questions?