Become a referee


If you would like to become a referee you must take either an entry level course (minimum age 14) or a small sided soccer course ( minimum age 12).

In order to participate in a small sided soccer referee course, an individual must be at least 12 years old on or before March 31st the year of the course.

Participants of the course will become certified Ontario Soccer Association Small Sided Soccer Referees, and will be qualified to referee 7 v 7 small sided soccer games. These referees will not be certified to referee or act as the assistant referee on any 11 v 11 games at any level.

The Entry Level Referee Course focuses on practical training and the application of the Laws of the Game.  Prior to arriving at the course, participants are required to complete a Pre-Course Workbook, thereby giving them a basic knowledge of the Laws before entering the classroom with one of the OSA's qualified instructors.  During the course, participants will engage in interactive, practical-based training sessions, teaching them how to apply the Laws they touched upon in their pre-course work.  At the conclusion of the course, participants will write an online exam on the material covered over the duration of the course.  Those who pass the examination will be certified as CSA District Referees (if over the age of 16) or Youth Referees (if under the age of 16). Recertification from a Youth Referee to District referee will be automatic on reaching their 16th birthday.

Please note that only those who have turned 14 years of age on or before March 31st of the current year are eligible to take the Entry Level Referee Course. 

The registration for both entry and small sided courses are online - please go to the below link to select and register for a course:   Referee Training Courses  (select "EODSA" in the "search by district" section to obtain a complete list of courses in the area)