Answers for winter warm Up

An attacker rounds the keeper and is about to play the ball into the empty net when a defender violently slides through the back of him with a vicious foul. But the defenders momentum also knocks the ball into his own net. What do you award

This is a violent, red card challenge – but that doesn't stop you using common sense and applying the advantage in these circumstances. So award the goal and then show the defender the red card for his challenge.

A long clearance is punted up field. A striker, in an offside position, watches bemused as it flies over his head. But then he decides to jog after the ball - which prompts the opposition goalkeeper to advance. But he advances too far: the ball takes a wicked bounce, flies over him and drops into the net. What is your decision?

Award a goal. To be declared offside the striker must be "active" – and here he is not. Jogging forward is not a clear distraction to the goalkeeper, whose job it is to stop the ball going into his net. He has simply advanced too far and been caught out by the bounce.

A mouthy player who has already been cautioned is substituted. He storms off the field of play, and as he does so, turns and aims a torrent of foul verbal abuse at you. Neither the subbed player or his replacement is on the field of play. What do you do?

Show the abusive player a straight red card. The substitution has not taken place, so the sub is not allowed on to the field of play. Re-start the game in the appropriate way with the team involved reduced to 10 players – unless they want to continue the substitution by taking another player off.